New Year, New Resolution

This blog is about to get some action.

At this point I’m fairly well known amongst friends and family for my new year’s resolutions, to the point that earlier this month a friend of mine asked me “What’s it going to be this year?”. In the past I’ve done things like no chocoloate, no fast food, no added sugar (see a theme?), and no social media. They’ve all been of the “I won’t do this” sort, because it’s a lot easier to stop doing something than to start doing something new. Doing something new inherently means also not doing something else; there’s only so many hours in the day, afterall.

This Year

This year I’m going to shake things up, I’m going to do something new. My resolution is to have published 52 posts on this blog by Jan 1, 2022, 00:00 UTC. Only one post per day can count towards the 52. A post must be “substantial” to count towards the 52. A non-substantial post would be something like the 100 word essay about my weekend that I wrote in first grade, which went something like “My weekend was really really really (‘really’ 96 more times) really really boring”.

Other than that, it’s pretty open-ended.


My hope is that I’ll get more efficient at writing these things. Usually I take a lot of time to craft a post, weeks in some cases. I really appreciate those of you that have taken the time to read them, but to be frank the time commitment just isn’t worth it. With practice I can hopefully learn what exactly I have to say that others are interested in, and then go back to spending a lot of time crafting the things being said.

Another part of this is going to be learning how to market myself properly, something I’ve always been reticent to do. Our world is filled with people shouting into the void of the internet, each with their own reasons for wanting to be heard. Does it need another? Probably not. But here I am. I guess what I’m really going to be doing is learning why I want to do this; I know I want to have others read what I write, but is it possible that that desire isn’t entirely selfish? Is it ok if it is?

Once I’m comfortable with why I’m doing this it will, hopefully, be easier to figure out a marketing avenue I feel comfortable with putting a lot of energy towards. There must be at least one

So consider this #1, world. Only 51 to go.