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2022-04-03 Ginger: A Small VM Update It works gooder now.
2022-03-13 The Case for Open Infrastructure Without using the word which starts with "W" and ends in "3".
2022-01-23 The Cryptic Filesystem Hey, I'm brainstorming here!
2022-01-21 Ginger Names Thoughts about a fundamental data type.
2022-01-01 DAV is All You Need Contacts, calendars, passwords, oh my!
2021-12-31 Ginger: It's Alive! The new best language for computing fibonacci numbers.
2021-12-01 Minting A Single NFT Harder than I'd thought it'd be.
2021-11-08 Managing a Home Server With Nix Docker is for boomers.
2021-10-31 DOG! MONEY! A collection of original NFT artworks.
2021-09-22 Building AppImages with Nix With some process trees thrown in there for fun.

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