Follow the Blog

Here’s your options for receiving updates about new blog posts:

Option 1: RSS

RSS is the classic way to follow any blog. It comes from a time before aggregators like reddit and twitter stole the show, when people felt capable to manage their own content feeds. We should use it again.

To follow over RSS give any RSS reader the following URL…

…and posts from this blog will show up in your RSS feed as soon as they are published. There are literally thousands of RSS readers out there. Here’s some recommendations:

  • Google Chrome Browser Extension

  • spaRSS is my preferred android RSS reader, but you’ll need to install f-droid on your device to use it (a good thing to do anyway, imo).

  • NetNewsWire is a good reader for iPhone/iPad/Mac devices, so I’m told. Their homepage description makes a much better sales pitch for RSS than I ever could.

Option 2: Twitter

New posts are automatically published to my Twitter. Simply follow me there and pray the algorithm smiles upon my tweets enough to show them to you! :pray: :pray: :pray:

Option 3: Email?

I tried setting up an RSS-to-Email list thing on Mailchimp but it doesn’t seem to like my RSS feed. If anyone knows a better alternative please email me.