Public Release of cryptic-net

2022-07-04  •  (Updated 2022-07-05)  •  :party_passed_out:

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It's been quite a while since my last post regarding cryptic-net. In that last post I was discussing, and gearing up to implement, a network filesystem for cryptic-net to use. And then, literally one week later, this post hit the floor. Someone implemented the cryptic filesystem for me!

Actually, it was a couple of someones who implemented it, and they did it with funding and vision and amazing ability. Since that post hit I've been trying out garage a ton and have yet to be disappointed with any aspect of it. It's honestly a miracle that it exists.

In the months since I've been hammering away at cryptic-net, fitting garage into it by hook or by crook. There's been a couple of points where I've wanted to post about the progress, but decided to hold off until I had something to show for it. The main blocker was that there was still network configuration in the cryptic-net repo itself, because that configuration wasn't yet being hosted by garage. But putting that data in garage created a bit of a chicken and an egg problem, because that data was needed to connect to garage in the first place.

I've solved the chicken and the egg problem (or at least deferred it, since it's now instead not possible to create a new cryptic-net network, but we'll get there). All configuration and secrets have been removed from cryptic-net, and the code is now open source! I won't say much about it, the repo is (I hope) largely self-explanatory. Consider this the mic-drop post.

Time to go spend some time not working on this for a while.

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