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Here's your options for receiving updates about new blog posts:

Option 1: Email

Email is by far my preferred option for notifying followers of new posts.

The entire email list system for this blog, from storing subscriber email addresses to the email server which sends the notifications out, has been designed from scratch and is completely self-hosted in my living room.

I solemnly swear that:

With all that said, if you'd like to receive an email everytime a new blog post is published then input your email below and smash that subscribe button! You will need to verify your email, so be sure to check your spam folder to complete the process if you don't immediately see anything in your inbox.

Unfortunately Google considers all emails from my mail server to be spam. I'm tired of seeing the bounce errors on my side, so I'm disabling the ability to sign up for the mailing list with a GMail address. Sorry (not sorry).

Option 2: RSS

RSS is the classic way to follow any blog. It comes from a time before aggregators like reddit and twitter stole the show, when people felt capable to manage their own content feeds. We should use it again.

To follow over RSS give any RSS reader the following URL...


...and posts from this blog will show up in your RSS feed as soon as they are published. There are literally thousands of RSS readers out there. Here's some recommendations: